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Dust Bunnies

Dust Bunnies

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Framed fragments from an installation“To Live Means To Leave Traces”.

It’s a project that I worked on in 2014 in which I collected dust bunnies from different places.


Frame Size: 18cm X 18cm X 4cm.


“Dust is a byproduct of life. It accumulates and transforms constantly, lacking a distinct shape. Clumps of dust found in the house are collected, dipped in liquid ceramic material and fired in a kiln. The objects left are remains, anonymous yet still carrying an address, displayed on the wall as evidence in an archive. It is a collection of places. The dust accumulates in the domestic space, undergoes material transformation and becomes anonymous and fragile, a relic pointing toward the very transformability of material and time.Materials and technique: porcelain, household dust.”


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